Vida 1 – 17×20″ (available through Caroline Nix Gallery)



To purchase this painting, visit Caroline Nix Gallery here.

Parrish’s latest “Botanical” collection of work celebrates new life, growth, & hope for bright and beautiful days ahead.

Size: 11×14″ (mixed media paper); 17×20″ (framed)

Click on the product image to view a larger version of the painting. 

Details: “Vida 1” is an original, abstract painting on mixed media, deckled edge paper. This piece was created using acrylic paint and charcoal.

Framing: “Vida 1” is custom framed in a gold frame. The artwork is floated above the mat to show the raw edge.

Location: “Vida 1” is available at Caroline Nix Gallery in Gainesville, GA.